To the wanted comrades – Call for an international day of action

To the wanted comrades – Call for an international day of action

Show yourselves
Just for an instant, you
Unknown men; you can cover your face while we
Utter our thanks.
Bertolt Brecht, The Decision

The Red Help International held its half-yearly conference in Zurich over the weekend of 23-24
Our work was marked by the news of Daniela Klette’s arrest in Berlin, and even more by the
significance of this arrest and the reactions it provoked.
This decades-long clandestinity, in a country where the police, who have so many resources at their
disposal, made this issue a priority, is a remarkable achievement. Such clandestinity is, by
extension, the pride of the entire revolutionary movement, and provides it with a lesson in
intelligence, method and determination.
The number of manifestations of sympathy for Daniela, Ernst-Volker and Burkhard shows that this
feeling is widely shared, which makes the regime’s representatives all the more enraged.
Beyond the clandestine comrades of the RAF, many other comrades have made the difficult and
courageous choice to go underground, rather than submit to class justice or negotiate with it. This is
the case of many antifascists prosecuted for various offences (Antifa Ost, Budapest).
These wanted comrades must also be protected and helped in every way possible.
Their fight against fascism is central to this historic period of crisis and war, from Berlin to
Diyarbakir. The antifa movement has fully understood that the fight against fascism, from white-
collar institutional fascism to neo-Nazi militias, has once again become an essential frontline.
The political, police, judicial and media structures of the system want to break up this anti-fascist
dynamic, as they do any dynamic of resistance, because it is in resistance that revolutionary
prospects are forged.
The fact that Daniela was immediately placed in solitary confinement, the same solitary
confinement used against Alfredo Cospito, Nadia Lioce and the other brigadists held in the special
wings, is further proof of this desire.
We must oppose this relentlessness with our solidarity.
“Make solidarity a weapon” is a programme, not a slogan.

The Red Help International calls for every possible support for the wanted comrades, and for a
demonstration of this commitment by taking part in an international day of action on 14th April, the
day of a demonstration in solidarity with Daniela Klette outside of the prison in Vechta.
Strength and solidarity for Ernst-Volker, Burkhard and the antifas resisting in the underground

Freedom for all revolutionary, anti-fascist and anti-imperialist prisoners
Freedom for the prisoners of the Palestinian resistance, tortured in Zionist prisons.
Freedom for all peoples facing fascism and colonialism, in Palestine, Kurdistan and all over the
Long live international solidarity.

Red Help International, 31.3.2024