To Lannmezan for Georges Abdallah, Palestine and internationalism!

To Lannmezan for Georges Abdallah, Palestine and internationalism!

The Red Help International calls for a massive participation in the march for the freedom of Georges Abdallah which will take place on Saturdaw 21. October close to Lannemezan in France in front of the doors of the prison in which he is captured.

Georges Abdallah

As a Lebanse communist and fighter of the Palestinian resistance, Georges Abdallah was arrested in 1984 in Lyon and condemned to four years of prison in July 1986. After political-juristic tribulations (including pressure from the US government), he is condemned in March 1987 to indefinite detention for actions against American and Israeli diplomats claimed by his organization, the Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Fractions. His punishment ended in 1999 and he could have been liberated since that date. These demands have been refused by the judiciary or blocked by political autorities.


Discontent of living under a colonial and racist apartheid regime, with its history of massacres, disappropriation and humiliation, the Palestinian people highlight all of the hypocrisy and cynism of the Europan Union. Privileged ally of European forces, Israel can commit all injustices and massacres without ever being condemned. What is more: the institutions, media, police and courts of Europe make sure to condemn and criminalize the forces of resistance.


Europe and the US support, finance and arm the Zionist colonisation and repression. And the quality of the actions of FARL is of having brought to Europe the war it supports in Palestine. This quality explains the continued persecution against Georges Abdallah which explains why he has become the longest detained political prisoner of Europe. Our engagement for the liberation of Georges is also with respect to this quality. We understand this engagement as a moment of our struggle until death against the imperialist bourgeoisie, against its states and its transnational organizations.

And our presence in Lannemezan is of even more importance as European political authorities and polices have multiplied their initiatives to hinder all expressions of solidarity with Palestine in past months (forbidding demonstrations of Samidoun in Berlin, closing the collective Palestine Vaincra in Toulouse, forbidding the exposition Marc Rudin in Geneva, etc.).

Freedom for Georges Ibrahim Abdallah!
For a free Palestina from Jordan to the sea!
Long live revolutionary internationalism!
Everyone to Lannemezan on the 21. October!

Red Help International
September 2023