RHI Conference 2023: Greeting to the Revolutionary Prisoners

RHI Conference 2023: Greeting to the Revolutionary Prisoners

Dear comrades,

On the 19th November, we, delegates from different sections of the Red Help International, closed our international work conference in Zurich.

This conference ends while Zionist colonialism and Turkish fascism, support unconditionally by the European Union, NATO and the United States, perpetrate their crimes in Palestine and Kurdistan.

We want to take the opportunity to express our admiration for the struggle of the Kurdish and Palestinian people and to extend our warmest greetings to the prisoners of these peoples.

The martyrdom and the resistance of the Palestinian people in Gaza make all the more necessary the engagement of comrade Georges Abdallah and the responsibility of the revolutionary movement to extract his freedom from French imperialism, ever complicit in Zionist crimes.

We salute the memory of the militants of the DHKP-C killed in combat on the 31st October on the shore of the river Evros, with a special thought for Erdogan Çakir as some of us learned to appreciate his great qualities when he was in exile in France.

We also salute the memory of Osman Nuri Ocaklı, the responsible of the MLKP killed by a strike of a Turkish drone within the frame of the special war which aims to extinguish the revolution in Rojava.

The complicity of Western imperialism with the crimes of Zionism and fascism is not only expressed by an indecent propaganda and massive supplies of weapons, it is also expressed by the persecutions of organisations and militants of peoples in struggle, as n the proceedings of the expulsion from Germany of Zaïd Abdulnasser, Palestinian militant of Samidoun, or the persecutions targeting Eda Deniz Haydaroǧlu who is on hunger strike in Hamburg to protest against this repression.

The mobilisations of the masses for Palestine, in form of demonstrations, boycotts or the refusal to load weapons cargo, finds its historic connection in the presence and the resistance of revolutionary prisoners in Europe engaged against imperialism and for the international social revolution.

Among them the twenty or so comrades of the Red Brigades, of which some are still detained under the isolation regime of 41bis, among them the militant anarchist Alfredo Cospito who fought a strong struggle against 41bis, and all other anarchist prisoners in Italiy, Spain and Greece, but also the persecuted antifas in Germany, the communists and antifascists of PCEr and GRAPO including comrade Arenas, the militants of the left nationalist basque movement and too many others.

To all them we express our revolutionary solidarity and hope for their prompt liberation.

Zurich, 19th November 2023