Freedom for Revolutionary Struggle Charged & Sentenced Comrades

The organization “Revolutionary Struggle” is active since 2003. As it had about twenty revolutionary action (against banks, courts, ministeries,…) the fighter Lambros Foundas was shoot down on March 10 2010 during a shooting between the police and the organization in Dafni. One month later, raids followed the death of Lambros, there were six arrests. Among them: Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and Costas Gournas. After 18 month of detention, the bureaucratic chaos that ruled Greece in that period (lawyers strikes followed public sector strikers,…) ends their inprisonementn. Despite the high level of their acrions: the three are released pending trial because they exceed the maximum jailing time without a trial. It was in 2012, at that time the interview “there is no other end than the revolution” was recorder by a delegation of the International Red Help. During the weeks before the trial, Nikos and Pola take part in conferences and meetings, they create agitation around the case. Finaly, on June 15 2012, they get back to clandestinity before the end of the trial that would get them condemned to heavy sentences. They were condemned to 50 years in jail. Following this, Revolutionary Struggle resumes its activities, on April 10 2014 they attack the Bank of Greece with an autobomb full of explosives. The attack carries huge damages but no injuries.

On July 16 2014, Nikos was randomly arrested during an identity control. The situation turns to a shooting in the middle of the touristic area of the city. Nikos was heavily wounded by a bullet, he was left on the ground for long minutes. He was immediately jailed and resumes right away his political activities by initiating a huge prisoners movement against the prison reform targeting revolutionary movement. The movement turns into a mass hunger strike in March 2015, this strike resulted in victory: the special prisons for political and rebel prisoners (type c) are abolished, the others claims are more or less also accepted. In February 2016, still underground Pola Roupa hijack a helicopter aiming to organize a mass escape for Nikos and other political prisoners ailed in Korydallos. The attempt failed because the pilot (an ex-cop) was armed. On January 5 2017, Pola Roupa was arrested alongside another member of the organization Constantina Athanasopoulos. The son of Pola and Nikos, Viktoras Lambros, 5 years old was detained several days in psychiatric hospital. Nikos, Pola and Constantina immediately started a thirst and hunger strike to obtain his release.