Actions in solidarity with wanted comrades and Daniela Klette 14th of april 2024

Belgium: Banner in Leuven, on the Brussels-Cologne motorway

Switzerland: Demo front the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich

Germany: Banner in Stuttgart

Germany: Tag on the courthouse

Switzerland: banner on german consulate in Basel

Switzerland: Picture painted in Bern

Switzerland: Banner in Bern

Greece: Message by Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis

Free Daniela Klette

Following the captivity of the fighter Daniela Klette, german
imperialist counter-revolution, by keeping her in a state of total
isolation, is attempting to bury the decades long successful resistance
to the counter-guerrilla persecution and to avenge the determination,
the capacity and the freedom of the persecuted. To be resilient up
against the personalized targeting of the counterrevolution marks a
definitive victory for the movements, a victory that cannot be canceled
by any state measure for their annihilation and extermination.
Having experienced the counter-guerrilla persecution, I can confirm
that open doors, the social solidarity that corresponds to this
condition and the comrades who become the daily shadow of the
persecuted, they make all the difference in the scales of victory
between counter-guerrilla and resistance. An organization, a movement,
that can protect its persecuted people, has a necessary political
element for the growth of a revolutionary position. As the comrades
from International Red Help stress, solidarity is a program, not a
Now is the time for us, the international anticapitalist movement, to
show that the historical passage from the time of RAF to today’s
revolutionary class struggle, is ours. We won’t give up any moments and
any fighter, even more so any of the major moments of revolutionary
projects and the guerrilla fighters who bridge time. The fight against
the isolation state of Daniela Klette is a fight for life for the
movement. The struggle for the end of the persecution and punishment of
the past revolutionary phases of the timeless revolutionary movement is
a sign of its capacity to up the fight.
The penal hunt of antifascists is a sign of danger and also an
orientation for the social movements throughout Europe: without broad
revolutionary political-social organization, we cannot overpass the
stranglehold of paramilitary and institutional terrorism.

Freedom to the fighter Daniela Klette
Every corner of the Earth, a fort for every persecuted fighter

Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis
Domokos Prisons

the publication of this message in greek and english is here:

France: Posters in Toulouse

Belgium: Stencils and tags in Brussels